Praying for Our Leadership

We are encouraged to pray for our leadership. The bible states that first of all that prayers supplication intersessions and giving of thanks be made for all men and for Kings and those that are in Authority that we may live a quite and peaceful life in all reverence of G-d. Prayer is needed for our leaders because of their office brings attacks from satin so they need to be covered. Read More

Leadership Control & Deception

When I think of psychology 101  I think of Hagel, Marks, Darwin & Adulf Hitler. It is many more that I could name w/ this German Philosophy which has shaped our schools of higher learning. When a child is taught to believe in the bible and they get college age and go off to college Psychology 101 is their waiting for them to tear down all their beliefs about a G-d that made and controls the universe. Read More

To the Chicago KidsWorld Series Champs

I know it hurts but they have to learn about where they really live, how great they really are and how the white community will do anything to not lose to blacks. Read More